The Modern Invention of “Traditional” Martial Arts by Peter Lorge



Last week I was flying over the Pacific Ocean.  This week it is the Atlantic.  If all has gone according to plan, I am now returning to the United States after a fantastic conference on fightbooks at the German Blade Museum.  I will be posting the text of my keynote once I am back.  In the mean time I would like to share the last of the keynote addresses given at this summer’s Martial Arts Studies conference in Cardiff.

Prof. Peter Lorge’s name will already be well known to regular readers of Kung Fu Tea, and his 2011 volume, Chinese Martial Arts from Antiquity to the 21st Century (Cambridge UP), was a critical contribution to the creation of our shared field.  Being able to meet him in person was one of my personal highlights from this year’s conference.  Be sure to check out this discussion of his new research project on the modern invention of “traditional” martial arts.




Looking for something to read?  Check out: “Making Captain America: Martial Arts and the Next Generation.







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