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Salvage as Method in Martial Arts Studies

  ***What follows is the text of my keynote address delivered at the 2019 Exploring Imperial China Workshop held on June 5-6 at Tel Aviv University.  I would like to thank both the Department of East Asian Studies and the... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Challenge Fights – Or, Writing Better Martial Arts History

Introduction I recently had the good fortune to attend the 2016 Martial Arts Studies conference held at the German Sports University of Cologne, sponsored by the German Society of Sport Science's Martial Arts Commission.  The theme of this year's gathering... Continue Reading →

Doing Research (6): Working the Beat – One Journalist’s Efforts at Perfecting the Fine Art of Hanging Out

  Introduction   Welcome to the sixth entry in our series of guest posts titled “Doing Research.”  If you missed the first essay by D. S. Farrer (which provides a global overview of the subject), the second by Daniel Mroz... Continue Reading →

Thinking About Failure in the Martial Arts

  The Meaning of a Bruised Elbow   I have been working on a couple of projects that have taken me away from blogging in recent days.  These are the sorts of commitments that should bear fruit for the readers... Continue Reading →

“The Professor in the Cage”: Can Gottschall Bring Science to the Study of Violence?

    A Surprise at the Bookstore   A remarkable thing happened on the way to the airport. Knowing that I would be spending a disturbingly large amount of my summer on various airplanes, I decided to make the most... Continue Reading →

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