Paul Bowman and I are happy to announce that Issue 10 of Martial Arts Studies is now available. As always, this interdisciplinary peer reviewed journal is free to read or download by anyone with an internet connection. Please post links and share articles with your friends and colleagues.

Where should readers start? Our opening editorial, reflecting on the last five years of our biannual publication, offers a nice overview of the issue.

Students of Chinese martial arts will note that this issue includes several soon to be classic articles including Daniel Mroz’s reflections on Taolu, Douglas Wile’s discussion of Chinese debates on the origins and essence of Taijiquan, Yupeng Jiao’s important research on the role of invulnerability rituals in 20th century Chinese martial arts and Tommaso Gianni’s examination of the conceptual construction of these traditions in the writings of Dudgeon, Giles and Needham.

The rest of issue is equally strong with papers touching on the martial arts of Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the United Kingdom as well as modern combat sports such as BJJ and Sumo. Sonja Bickford examines leadership and motivation within these practices while Paul Bowman offers his own reflections on ways that the last 12 months have changed the martial arts landscape.

The issue ends with two short entries. The first is Kyle Barrowman’s review of Luke White’s important new monograph, Legacies of the Drunken Master: Politics of the Body. Finally, Gitanjali Kolanad offers an obituary for Phillip Zarrilli.

Click here to download the entire issue, or go directly to the individuals articles.

Paul and I would like to thank all of the authors, reviewers, guest editors, editorial assistants, designers and volunteers who have helped to make make Martial Arts Studies everything that it has become over the last five years. The staff of Cardiff University Press also deserve a special note of thanks for their continual support. We are both looking forward to the next five years of innovative research and theoretical development.