Ip Man and his best known student, Bruce Lee.



We are thrilled to announce the release of the Summer 2019 issue of Martial Arts Studies (Number 8).  This special issue has been guest edited by Kyle Barrowman and Paul Bowman.  It collects in a single place a number of important conference papers and other works seeking to explore the ongoing and multi-faceted legacies of Bruce Lee within the martial arts today.  From his film career, to a critical engagement with the notion of the “classical mess,” to taking a deep dive into his classic article “Liberate Yourself from Classical Karate”, there is a little something here for everyone.  Students of Martial Arts Studies will want to begin with the debate between Barrowman and Bowman over what Bruce Lee reveals about the current theoretical orientation of the field.  Sociologists and social scientists, on the other hand, may want to check out George Jennings engagement with the creation of Jeet June Do in which he proposes a general theory for the creation of new martial arts systems.  And that is just the start of the discussion.

As always, Martial Arts Studies is free to read, download or share.  Simply click this link to explore the articles or download a PDF on the entire issue.  Enjoy!