Rifles and bayonets for a school military drill class behind two Judo students. Vintage Japanese postcard, late 1930s. Source: Author’s personal collection.



Greetings!  If all has gone according to plan, I am now on a plane returning to the United States from Korea.  I will be posting both my paper and a full report on the conference later.  But first I need to head to Germany for the much anticipated Fightbook Conference which is being hosted at the German Blade Museum in Solingen.   As such, I will be sharing a few more of the keynotes from the 2017 Martial Arts Studies in conference in Cardiff.  And to tell you the truth….I think I recognize that guy….

All joking aside, I am pretty happy with the way that this paper turned out, and the conference organizers did a great job of integrating my slides into the video of my presentation.  Very slick!

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