I am happy to report that all of the conference papers and book chapters I have been working on for the last month are now finished.  Unfortunately, my blogging sabbatical must continue a little while longer. I am now preparing to hop on a plane for a few weeks of transoceanic travel and presentations.  In the mean time, I would like to leave you with a few of the keynotes and round-tables from this summers Martial Arts Studies at Cardiff University.  The organizers of the event have been kind enough to upload these to YouTube and its the next best thing to being there (though admittedly, being there in person is way much more fun).

The first “guest posts” in this series is a real treat.  Professor Meaghan Morris is an important pioneer in the fields of film and cultural studies.  Her writings on the Hong Kong film industry have helped to forge a strong intersection between these fields and martial arts studies.  Anyone who considers themselves to be a Kung Fu film fan will find many new ideas to ponder in her paper, and those who are newer to the genre may even pick up a few recommendations for films to see and themes to watch for.  Enjoy!


Disenchanting Jianghu: Historical Experience and the Kung Fu Refusenik in Cinema by Professor Meaghan Morris.




Looking for something to read?  Why not check out this essay:  Do the Chinese Martial Arts have One “Martial Culture” or Many?