Greetings!  I am currently on the road for a conference and workshop.  As such, I will be sharing some papers that were presented at the Martial Arts Studies Research Network’s recent conference in Bath.  If you missed the first presentation in this series, click here for the discussion of “Bartitsu and Suffragette Jujitsu of the Early 20th Century.”

In this presentation Dr. Bok Kyu Choi will be discussing the dissemination of the Japanese martial arts in Korea. While most of the papers at this conference looked at events in the modern period, his research was unique in that it focused on an earlier era of Korean/Japanese interaction.  This talk may be of particular interesting to those of you who follow the Chinese fighting arts during the late imperial (Ming/Qing) period.

Dr. Bok Kyu Choi is currently affiliated with Leiden University as a visiting lecturer on Korean martial arts theory and practice.  He obtained a Masters degree from the Seoul National University researching the modern history of the Korean martial arts and then a PhD (also from SNU) with his dissertation on the interpretation of the Muyedobotongji and its significance in modern times.


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