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Imagining Ip Man: Globalization and the Growth of Wing Chun Kung Fu (Keynote Address Delivered at the 2015 Martial Arts Studies Conference).

  Introduction   In a recent post I discussed some of the major themes and ideas to emerge from the keynote addresses delivered at the recent Martial Arts Studies held at the University of Cardiff.  Astute readers may have noticed that something was missing.  Due to the constraints of time I omitted any mention of … Continue reading

The Book Club: Martial Arts and the Body Politic in Meiji Japan (Chapter 5): Vital States, Sick Nations and the Confucian Body.

    Introduction   This post is the third and final installment of our short series reviewing Denis Gainty’ 2013 book Martial Arts and the Body Politic in Meiji Japan (Routledge). Readers new to this work may want to review Parts 1 and Parts 2 here. In my own field most authors tend to place … Continue reading

Chinese Martial Arts in the News: June 22, 2015: Swords, Combat Sports and Martial Arts Studies

    Introduction   Welcome to “Chinese Martial Arts in the News.”  This is a semi-regular feature here at Kung Fu Tea in which we review media stories that mention or affect the traditional fighting arts.  In addition to discussing important events, this column also considers how the Asian hand combat systems are portrayed in … Continue reading

After Action Report on the First Annual Martial Arts Studies Conference

  Introduction: Pilgrimage in the Martial Arts   My friends can attest that I keep threatening to write a paper on the growth of “pilgrimage” in the modern martial arts community. In the current era this often takes the form of individuals traveling to the “homeland” (real or imagined) of their respective styles to experience … Continue reading

Guest Post: Jose Figueroa: From Bronx B-boy to Chen Style Master

  Introduction New York City is a place that gets under your skin.  Live there long enough and you will always be up for a good New York story.  I had a chance to explore the city while I was in graduate school at Columbia, but unfortunately I believed that I didn’t have the time … Continue reading

Guest Post: ‘The Shaolin Temple’ and the Cultural Significance of the ‘Star Wars’ of Chinese Cinema

  Introduction Greetings from the University of Cardiff where I am currently attending the 2015 Martial Arts Studies conference.  This is the third guest post by Sascha Matuszak in his ongoing series here at Kung Fu Tea.  I thought that for this update we would do something a little different.  While his first two essays … Continue reading

Guest Post: “The Practical Isn’t Pretty”: General Qi Jiguang on Martial Arts for Soldiers

    Introduction This is the second guest post contributed by Sascha Matuszak to help keep things interesting here at Kung Fu Tea while I am in the UK attending the Martial Arts Studies conference at Cardiff University.  Like the first post in this series, it draws from his writings at Fightland.  This particular post … Continue reading

Guest Post: Kung Fu and the China Dream

  Introduction I am currently pulling my keynote together for next week’s Martial Arts Studies conference which will be held at Cardiff University in the UK. (There is still time to register if you are in the area).  My address is titled “Imagining Ip Man: Globalization and Growth of Wing Chun Kung Fu.” It is … Continue reading

Research Notes: “Background of Meihuaquan’s Development During Ming and Qing Dynasties” By Zhang Guodong and Li Yun

      Zhang Guodong and Li Yun. 2015. “Background of Meihuaquan’s Development During Ming and Qing Dynasties” International Journal of Eastern Sports & Physical Education. Vo. 9 No. 1 (April) pp. 117-127 Introduction   Meihuaquan, or Plum Blossom Boxing, is one of the few Chinese hand combat traditions to have generated substantial interest beyond … Continue reading

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