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Coming this Spring: Authentic Ip Ching Wing Chun in Western New York.

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Blue Heron Wing Chun Hall in Western New York

I have a special announcement to make.  This spring I am opening a branch of the Wing Chun Hall in Western NY.  Under the direction of my Sifu, Jon Nielson (a direct student of Ip Ching) I will be offering classes in authentic Ip Man style Wing Chun.  My interest in the history of the Chinese martial arts actually developed secondarily to my practice of them.  Unfortunately there is not a lot of traditional Chinese martial arts instruction going on in Western NY (particularly where I live in Wyoming county).

I am currently looking for individuals who either have some Wing Chun experience, are interested in learning about Wing Chun or are simply looking for some solid self defense training.  Right now I envision this club serving the needs of Wyoming, Genesee and Livingston counties (or the areas around Batavia, Attica, Warsaw, Perry, Castile, Le Roy, Mt. Morris and Geneseo) but anyone in the region is welcome to give me a call and drop by for a visit.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in Wing Chun instruction in Western NY click here for times, locations and contact information.

My Lineage.

My Lineage.

More information about us, our class structure, teaching philosophy and goals can be found here.

New or prospective students might also be interested in these Frequently Asked Questions.

Feel free to pass this information along, and thanks for your support!

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