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Zhang Zhijiang

General Zhang Zhijiang: Mixing Christianity and Kung Fu

    A Different Take on an Old Debate   If you study the traditional Chinese martial arts and have spent any time on the internet, you will have heard some variant of these debates before. Do I need to... Continue Reading →

Lives of Chinese Martial Artists (21): Zhang Zhijiang, Father of the Guoshu Movement

    Introduction Its hard to think of a single individual who had a greater impact on the development of the Chinese martial arts during the all important years of the Republic than Zhang Zhijiang (1882-1966).  His name peppers the... Continue Reading →

Through a Lens Darkly (4): Chinese Martial Arts and the Military.

I would like to use two sets of images to explore the somewhat complex subject of the Chinese military's relationship with the traditional martial arts.  Modern Chinese history has witnessed a vast number of military and para-military forces and not... Continue Reading →

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