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White Eyebrow

Cheung Lai Chuen, Creator of Pak Mei (White Eyebrow)

But First An Announcement I have received some very exciting news regarding my manuscript on the social history of Wing Chun and the southern Chinese martial arts.  Hopefully I will be making a more specific announcement about that in the... Continue Reading →

Chinese Martial Arts in the News, November 25th, 2013: New Books, Martial Arts in the Public Sphere and Snubbing a “Grandmaster.”

Introduction “Chinese Martial Arts in the News” is a semi-regular feature here at Kung Fu Tea.  In these posts I attempt to round-up and briefly discuss the major stories affecting the Chinese hand combat systems.  I always pay special attention... Continue Reading →

Lives of Chinese Martial Artists (2): Cheung Lai Chuen (Part I).

This post introduces the second chapter of our ongoing series exploring the lives and careers of martial artists in late 19th and early 20th century China.  Very often we artificially restrict our vision of what the traditional martial arts were... Continue Reading →

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