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Tang Hao

Zhang Sanfeng: Political Ideology, Myth Making and the Great Taijiquan Debate

  "For sheer contentiousness, the Zhang Sanfeng case can only be compared to the issue of racism, abortion and homosexuality in American culture. At the dawn of the 21st century, the pendulum has once again swung towards the myth-makers. Western... Continue Reading →

Lives of Chinese Martial Artists (12): Tang Hao – The First Historian of the Chinese Martial Arts

Introduction: The Problem of History in the Life of a Historian Tang Hao is not a household name, even among avid practitioners of the traditional Chinese martial arts.  While little known outside of certain specialized circles, few people have had... Continue Reading →

Through a Lens Darkly (21): Chinese Archery’s Troubled Republic Era Revival.

Introduction Given the current growth of interest in all types of archery, it is not hard to understand the explosion of interest in Late Imperial Chinese bows and techniques.  During both the Ming and Qing periods China was renowned for... Continue Reading →

Roundtable Discussion on the State of Martial Studies with Paul Bowman and Ben Judkins, Part II.

A statue of a Tengu dressed as an ascetic mystic on a mountain pilgrimage. Source: Christian Bauer via Wikimedia. Introduction Welcome to the second part of our roundtable discussion of the fields of martial studies/Chinese martial studies.  If you are... Continue Reading →

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