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Taiji Quan

Chinese Martial Arts in the News: July 22, 2013: A Bruce Lee Round-up, Taiji in Popular Culture and Rumors of Trouble at the Shaolin Temple.

Introduction Welcome!  "Chinese Martial Arts in the News" is a regular feature here at Kung Fu Tea.  Every three to four weeks we discuss the major news stories impacting the Chinese martial arts.  Special attention is payed to the ways... Continue Reading →

Imagining the Chinese Martial Arts without Bruce Lee: Sophia Delza, an American Taiji Quan Pioneer.

Introduction: Different Visions of the Chinese Martial Arts Assume that we find ourselves in a very specific, recognizable alternate universe.  It is almost exactly like ours, but in this world Bruce Lee never came to America.  Maybe he got along... Continue Reading →

Chinese Martial Arts in the News: April 22, 2013: Taiji Quan Rising, Cantonese Opera and Remembering Bruce Lee

IntroductionWelcome to the April 22nd edition of "Chinese Martial Arts in the News."  Every three weeks we stop to reflect on important events in the Chinese martial arts community and to take a look at how we are being covered... Continue Reading →

Are the Internal Martial Arts the “Next Big Thing?”

  A lot of schools have that in their motto: mental, physical and spiritual. But when you get into the school, you just fight and do forms. When do we get to that part I see at the Shaolin Temple... Continue Reading →

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