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Sophia Delza

Sophia Delza vs. The Black Belt Ethos: Post-Materialism in the Chinese Martial Arts

  T’ai Chi Ch’uan is not a by-product, as it were, of any other art-dance form; it is not derived from ancient Chinese commemorative dance [ritual], folk, or classical Chinese theatre dance [opera], and does not resemble them in dynamics,... Continue Reading →

William Chen: Introducing Americans to Taijiquan in the Summer of 1965

“I trained under William Ch’en in Taiwan and in New York City. He fools you. Meek, slender, and quiet, he might be a scholar or a student of the Book of Changes, never a boxer.….He is so relaxed that he... Continue Reading →

From the Archives: Spreading the Gospel of Kung Fu – Print Media and the Popularization of Wing Chun

***For my current writing project I am spending some time reconsidering the spread of Wing Chun onto the global stage.  As part of that effort I have been rereading some of the earliest literature on the art to see exactly... Continue Reading →

Imagining the Chinese Martial Arts without Bruce Lee: Sophia Delza, an American Taiji Quan Pioneer.

Introduction: Different Visions of the Chinese Martial Arts Assume that we find ourselves in a very specific, recognizable alternate universe.  It is almost exactly like ours, but in this world Bruce Lee never came to America.  Maybe he got along... Continue Reading →

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