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Sixt Wetzler

What are “martial arts,” and why does knowing matter?

Introduction “Martial arts studies” is an eponymously named research area. This fact seems so obvious as to require no further exploration. But is it really so? Why does no one write about “professional combat sports studies,” “kung fu studies,” “Budo... Continue Reading →

After Action Report on the First Annual Martial Arts Studies Conference

  Introduction: Pilgrimage in the Martial Arts   My friends can attest that I keep threatening to write a paper on the growth of “pilgrimage” in the modern martial arts community. In the current era this often takes the form... Continue Reading →

The Development and Current State of Martial Arts Studies in Germany

The following is guest post by Sixt Wetzler, dvs-Kommission Kampfkunst & Kampfsport (  While Martial Arts Studies is, by its very nature, an international and interdisciplinary subject, we generally see relatively little discussion of the scholarship that is happening in... Continue Reading →

The Problem of Doubt in the Traditional Martial Arts

    Sixt Wetzler. “Myths of the Martial Arts.” JOMEC Journal. Issue 5. June 2014. 15 pages.   Introduction Increasingly a wide range of academic students are contributing to the field of Chinese martial studies. We have seen important work... Continue Reading →

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