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Shen Yiguan

From the Archives: Can Southern Chinese Kung Fu Ever be “Internal?”

Introduction Here is a second post from the Kung Fu Tea archives.  This post was originally published on September 5th, 2012.  That was still in the first few months of the blog, well before I had started to establish any... Continue Reading →

Zhang Songxi, Ming era Southern Boxing and the Ancient Roots of Modern Wing Chun.

Stanley Henning: Yongchun, Baihe and Wing Chun Boxing In issue #38 (Vol. 2 No. 15) of Classical Fighting Arts Stanley Henning published a wide-ranging paper entitled “Thoughts on the Origins and Transmission to Okinawa of Yongchun Boxing.” (pp. 42-47).  Henning... Continue Reading →

Can Southern Chinese Kung Fu Ever be “Internal?”

Defining Neijia Not knowing any better, one might think that there is a social hierarchy in the Chinese martial arts.  In the world of popular (or folk) styles there are a variety of schools and approaches.  Some of the most... Continue Reading →

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