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LK Chen and the Rebirth of the Han Jian

    Introduction Over the last year many Chinese martial arts students in the West have become aware of the replica Han dynasty weapons currently being produced by LK Chen in Guangdong.  These high-quality pieces are all the more attractive... Continue Reading →

Remembering Macau Wing Chun

      “Echoes of Memories”   It is the elusiveness of memory that captivates us. People tend to think of their memories as a personal hard drive, always running in the background, silently backing up the minutia of our daily... Continue Reading →

The Book Club: Chinese Martial Arts by Peter Lorge, Chapters 9-10: The Traditional Fighting Arts in a Modern World.

Introduction This is the third and final section of our review of Peter Lorge’s volume, Chinese Martial Arts: from Antiquity to the Twenty-First Century (Cambridge UP, 2012). In part one of this post we reviewed the development of Chinese martial... Continue Reading →

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