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Through a Lens Darkly (18): Chinese Martial Arts and Early 20th Century Cigarette Cards: Building the Global Image of Kung Fu.

Introduction: Why do we study ephemera? In many respects the study of the history of the traditional martial arts is the study of Chinese popular culture.  Sometimes we approach the subject from the perspective of political or military history, and... Continue Reading →

Digital Sparring: A History of Martial Arts in Video Games by Rob Argent

Video games are an important force in modern popular culture.  I remember talking to new students when I was teaching introductory Wing Chun classes for my Sifu back in Salt Lake.  I would often ask students what got them interested... Continue Reading →

Chinese Martial Arts in the News: July 1, 2013: New Documentaries, “Enter the Dragon” Turns 40 and Ip Man Comes out on Top.

Introduction Welcome to another edition of Chinese Martial Arts in the news.  This is a semi-regular feature in which we review a roundup of media stories dealing with the martial arts over the last three to four weeks.  We try... Continue Reading →

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