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Martial Arts and Politics: Silat in Defense of Religion and the Malay Nation

  Lawrence N. Ross. 2017. “Demi Agama, Bangsa dan Negara: Silat Martial Arts and the ‘Third Line’ in Defense of Religion, Race and the Malaysian State.” In Sophie Lemiere (eds.) Illusions of Democracy: Malaysian Politics and People. Vol. II. Strategic Information and... Continue Reading →

Searching for Cheng Man Ching: Nigel Sutton and the Wisdom of Taiji Masters

      Nigel Sutton. The Wisdom of Taiji Masters: Insights into Cheng Man Ching’s Art. Tambuli Media. 2014. 167 pages.     Introduction: Remember a Master of Five Excellences     Zheng Manqing (Cheng Man Ching) may not receive... Continue Reading →

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