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Lineage Politics

Lineage and Social Analysis in Martial Arts Studies

    Introduction Consider the following, seemingly unrelated, incidents: While conducting field work in Sioux City Iowa in 1862 the lawyer and self-trained ethnographer Lewis Henry Morgan received a telegraph informing him that his two daughters, ages two and six,... Continue Reading →

Theorizing Social Structure, Conflict and the Problem of Secrecy in the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts

      Adam Frank Theorizes Lineage Conflict     This post will be reaching most of Kung Fu Tea’s readers the day after many Americans celebrated Thanksgiving. On this particular holiday it is customary to spend a few moments... Continue Reading →

Five Thoughts on Lineage, Legitimacy and Manipulation in the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts

Introduction Anyone who has done much reading on the history of the traditional Chinese martial arts will be very familiar with the idea of “lineage politics.”  Even the average practitioner, on either side of the Pacific, usually has more than... Continue Reading →

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