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Lightsaber Combat and the Value of Myth in the Martial Arts

  Solo, the latest addition to the Star Wars franchise, opens around the country tonight.  As such, it is only fitting that I share with readers of Kung Fu Tea my latest article, co-authored with Chad Eisner.  This piece was... Continue Reading →

Can Donnie Yen Bring Kung Fu (Back) to the Star Wars Universe?

  1977 vs. 1978: A Banner Year for Martial Arts Films   Like all good blog posts dealing with popular culture and kung fu, this one starts by assuming the existence of time travel. In a sense this is what... Continue Reading →

Chinese Martial Arts in the News: July 1, 2013: New Documentaries, “Enter the Dragon” Turns 40 and Ip Man Comes out on Top.

Introduction Welcome to another edition of Chinese Martial Arts in the news.  This is a semi-regular feature in which we review a roundup of media stories dealing with the martial arts over the last three to four weeks.  We try... Continue Reading →

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