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Historical Western Martial Arts

The Development and Current State of Martial Arts Studies in Germany

The following is guest post by Sixt Wetzler, dvs-Kommission Kampfkunst & Kampfsport (  While Martial Arts Studies is, by its very nature, an international and interdisciplinary subject, we generally see relatively little discussion of the scholarship that is happening in... Continue Reading →

Kung Fu Tea Selects the Top Chinese Martial Arts Webpage of 2012

Introduction New Years is a great time to reflect on where we have been, as well as where we are going.  As such, we would like to announce our pick for the "Top Chinese Martial Arts Webpage of the Year... Continue Reading →

Through a Lens Darkly (5): Early Chinese-American Boxers.

   How did Boxing Influence the Adoption of the Martial Arts in America? The history of the Chinese fighting arts in America is relatively brief and poorly understood.  While some studies of individual schools and teachers exist, I have never... Continue Reading →

Chinese Archery Resources

Traditional Chinese Archery Resources Yeah, I have been bitten by the bug.  It seems that archery, in all its many forms, is a hot commodity.  Between the "Hunger Games" and "Brave" it has gotten a huge amount of free publicity. ... Continue Reading →

Chinese Martial Arts in the News, August 20, 2012: The Steampunk Edition

  It is time for another quick roundup of news articles dealing with the Chinese martial arts, and martial studies more generally.  This week there a clear theme emerged as I was looking at the news, steampunk!  I know right,... Continue Reading →

Fighting by the Book: The Popular Rediscovery of the Chinese Martial Manuscript Tradition.

  I saw a documentary on the resurgence of interest in the western historical martial arts called “Reclaiming the Blade.”  It is interesting stuff and I really enjoyed it.  I think that there is a more general resurgence of interest... Continue Reading →

The Castles of our Youth

This weekend my wife and I attended the renaissance fair in Sterling NY.  It’s a pretty large and impressive event as these things go.  I visited it a couple of times when younger but, having been away from NY for... Continue Reading →

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