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General Qi Jiguang

Guest Post: “The Practical Isn’t Pretty”: General Qi Jiguang on Martial Arts for Soldiers

    Introduction This is the second guest post contributed by Sascha Matuszak to help keep things interesting here at Kung Fu Tea while I am in the UK attending the Martial Arts Studies conference at Cardiff University.  Like the... Continue Reading →

Five Moments that Transformed Kung Fu

    Introduction   I was recently having a conversation with T. W. Smith who runs the Kung Fu Podcast. He was developing an idea for a show and asked me what five specific moments did the most to transform... Continue Reading →

Chinese Martial Arts in the News: March 9th, 2015: Shaolin, Wushu and Hong Kong’s Most Popular Martial Arts

    Introduction     Welcome to “Chinese Martial Arts in the News.”  This is a semi-regular feature here at Kung Fu Tea in which we review media stories that mention or affect the traditional fighting arts.  In addition to... Continue Reading →

Zhang Songxi, Ming era Southern Boxing and the Ancient Roots of Modern Wing Chun.

Stanley Henning: Yongchun, Baihe and Wing Chun Boxing In issue #38 (Vol. 2 No. 15) of Classical Fighting Arts Stanley Henning published a wide-ranging paper entitled “Thoughts on the Origins and Transmission to Okinawa of Yongchun Boxing.” (pp. 42-47).  Henning... Continue Reading →

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