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Spreading the Gospel of Kung Fu: Print Media and the Popularization of Wing Chun (Part I)

  ***I need to set aside some time to work on another writing project over the next few weeks.  As such we will be dipping into Kung Fu Tea's extensive archives, and revisiting one of my favorite series of posts... Continue Reading →

Revealing the Secrets of Wing Chun Kung Fu: Chao, Weakland and the Cultural Translation of the Chinese Martial Arts

    "The way in which we read the document depends on what we have read before." Evelyn S. Rawski, October 1, 2015, "Crossing from Nation to Region: China in Northeast Asian History."     Introduction   Recently I had... Continue Reading →

From the Archives: Spreading the Gospel of Kung Fu – Print Media and the Popularization of Wing Chun

***For my current writing project I am spending some time reconsidering the spread of Wing Chun onto the global stage.  As part of that effort I have been rereading some of the earliest literature on the art to see exactly... Continue Reading →

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