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Adam Frank

Who “Killed” Kung Fu: Habermas and the Legitimization Crisis within Traditional Martial Arts

  Zombies The air is distinctly crisp, the end of October is upon us, and Halloween rapidly approaches. Clearly, it is time to talk about zombies.  We seem to go through periods of collective fascination with the image of empty human... Continue Reading →

Martial Arts Studies 2016 Conference Report – Performance, Motivations and Historical Excavation

      Introduction   Earlier this week I returned from a brief trip to Canada and the United Kingdom.  During this time I had the opportunity to deliver a keynote address at the 2nd annual Martial Arts Studies conference... Continue Reading →

Ip Man, the Death of Language and the Roots of Communication

  Introduction   It goes without saying that I should not be writing this post.  On Sunday I will be boarding my flight for the UK and the 2016 Martial Arts Studies Conference at Cardiff University.  I am looking forward... Continue Reading →

Theorizing Social Structure, Conflict and the Problem of Secrecy in the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts

      Adam Frank Theorizes Lineage Conflict     This post will be reaching most of Kung Fu Tea’s readers the day after many Americans celebrated Thanksgiving. On this particular holiday it is customary to spend a few moments... Continue Reading →

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