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Internal Elixir Cultivation: Robert Coons on the Nature of Daoist Meditation

Robert James Coons. 2015. Internal Elixir Cultivation: The Nature of Daoist Meditation.  Tambuli Media. 140 pp. $22.95   Introduction   Recently Dr. Mark Wiley, who runs Tambuli Media, sent me a copy of a book that he thought I would find interesting. Just for the record I am currently trying to convince Dr. Wiley to … Continue reading

Through a Lens Darkly (34): The Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts in WWII-era Japanese Military Postcards

  Introduction   The martial arts can speak to a number of important questions, but perhaps to none as directly as popular attitudes towards violence. Much of my recent research has looked at what the organization of martial arts groups in China reveals about the nature of social conflict. Yet for those who share my … Continue reading

Ben Judkins and Jon Nielson talk with Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine about THE CREATION OF WING CHUN (Part 1)

Introduction I try to stick to a Monday/Friday posting schedule, but every once in a while something comes up and I have to break from routine.  This week the surprise is a very pleasant one.  Earlier in the summer my co-author, Jon Nielson, and I had the pleasure of discussing our recent book and the … Continue reading

Five Chinese Martial Studies Books that We Need to Read

  Introduction   As some of you may have noticed, posts here at Kung Fu Tea and on the Facebook group have been coming a little more slowly than normal over the last month. That is because Paul Bowman and I are currently in the middle of the final push to get the inaugural issue … Continue reading

Research Notes: Glimpsing the Future of Martial Arts Studies

    Introduction: Robert Jervis on Confusion and Theory While a graduate student I had the very great pleasure of working as a teaching assistant (TA) for a distinguished professor of international relations named Robert Jervis. Since I had the opportunity to work with him on a number of occasions I learned a fair bit … Continue reading

Chinese Martial Arts in the News: October 12, 2015: Columbus Day Edition!

    Introduction For readers in the United States, happy Columbus Day!  And what better way to enjoy your three day weekend than getting caught up on the latest martial arts news.  “Chinese Martial Arts in the News” is a regular series of posts here at Kung Fu Tea in which we take a look … Continue reading

Prof. Maofu Gong Discusses the State of Folk Wushu and Martial Arts Studies in China Today

      Introduction   Prof. Maofu Gong is an Associate Professor of Sports Culture at Chengdu Sport University.   He is also a visiting scholar with the Cornell University East Asia Program where he is working on a project titled “The Transmission and Development of the Chinese Martial Arts in America.”  I recently had the … Continue reading

Revealing the Secrets of Wing Chun Kung Fu: Chao, Weakland and the Cultural Translation of the Chinese Martial Arts

    “The way in which we read the document depends on what we have read before.” Evelyn S. Rawski, October 1, 2015, “Crossing from Nation to Region: China in Northeast Asian History.”     Introduction   Recently I had the opportunity to hear the noted Chinese historian Prof. Evelyn Rawski deliver a guest lecture … Continue reading

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