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February 2015

New “Top Picks”: The Best of Kung Fu Tea!

      Introduction     I have been meaning to pull together an updated list of "Top Picks" for a couple of months.  Somehow I could never find the time.  But with about 290 posts (most of which are... Continue Reading →

The Invisibility of Kung Fu: Two Accounts of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts

      Introduction: Race and the Invisibility of the Chinese Martial Arts     There is some debate as to which statesman can rightfully claim the honor of being the “first” American advisor employed by China’s new Republican government.... Continue Reading →

Historical Fact vs. Social Discourse in the World of China’s 19th Century Martial Artists

      Introduction: What do historical documents reveal?     Students of martial arts studies often investigate the various “discourses” which surround these fighting systems. Such discussions turn to the media (movies, TV programs, video games, internet postings, wuxia... Continue Reading →

Yim Wing Chun and the “Primitive Passions” of Southern Kung Fu

    Introduction     We all know the story (and those who do not may want to quickly review the most popular version of it here). With the destruction of the Shaolin Temple at the hands of a fearful... Continue Reading →

Chinese Martial Arts in the News: February 13th, 2015: Bruce Lee, Martial Arts Studies and the Return of the Kung Fu Panda

      Introduction   Welcome to “Chinese Martial Arts in the News.”  This is a semi-regular feature here at Kung Fu Tea in which we review media stories that mention or affect the traditional fighting arts.  In addition to... Continue Reading →

Martial Arts Studies: Answering the “So what?” question

    “We now come to the most critical yet most prickly of all questions: does any of this matter beyond the martial arts and combat sports, symbolically rich but socially marginal activities after all…The greatest challenge that the fighting... Continue Reading →

Deadliest Hands vs. Deadliest Man: Euhemerism, Donn Draeger, and Count Dante

  *** Our Monday update comes in the form of an article by Dr. Jared Miracle hosted at the Martial Arts Studies journal webpage. In it he explores the roles of two individuals, Donn Draeger and John “Count Dante” Keehan,... Continue Reading →

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