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December 2014

A Year in the Chinese Martial Arts: The Stories and Events that Shaped 2014 and a note of Congratulations

      Introduction   New Years is a good time to sit back and reflect on recent accomplishments and events.  2014 has been a big year for the field of Chinese martial studies.  We have made progress in some... Continue Reading →

Season’s Greetings!

    Happy Holidays!   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of Kung Fu Tea’s readers.  Thanks so much for your support and feedback over the last year.  I think that my friend Bernard, the Kung Fu... Continue Reading →

Secrecy: A Critical Ingredient in the Ongoing Evolution of the Traditional Martial Arts

        Introduction: Secrecy in an Era of Global Markets   It is hard to think of any topic that has more deeply marked the Chinese martial arts than secrecy. Countless students have been drawn to these systems... Continue Reading →

Dr. Daniel Amos Discusses Marginality, Martial Arts Studies and the Modern Development of Southern Chinese Kung Fu

     Introduction We are very happy that Dr. Daniel M. Amos has been able to take the time to visit Kung Fu Tea.  In the following interview he discusses his research and shares some of his many insights on... Continue Reading →

The Tao of Tom and Jerry: Krug on the Appropriation of the Asian Martial Arts in Western Culture

The Mouse Always Wins In 1962 American theater audiences were treated to the sight of a mouse named “Jerry” repeatedly besting a cat named “Tom” through his mastery of Japanese Judo. Tom is more of a force of nature than... Continue Reading →

Chinese Martial Arts in the News: December 8th, 2014: Zhang Sanfeng, Viral Wushu and Ip Man comes to the UK

        Introduction     Welcome to “Chinese Martial Arts in the News.”  This is a semi-regular feature here at Kung Fu Tea in which we review media stories that mention or affect the traditional fighting arts.  In... Continue Reading →

Alex Channon on the “Undoing” of Gender in Mixed-Sex Martial Arts Training

      Introduction: Is the Gendering of Practice Inevitable?     In the early 1990s I became a practitioner of a discipline that requires years of careful study and practice to master. It has its major schools, famous instructors... Continue Reading →

2014 Christmas Shopping List: Martial Arts Equipment and Long Reads to Get you Through the Winter Months.

      Introduction     Another year has come and gone, yet it seems that all of the eternal questions remain.  What is the meaning of life?   Is beauty purely subjective?  How could it have possibly have dumped three... Continue Reading →

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