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Halloween Edition: Leung Kai’s Ghost Story – Remembering a Modern Choy Li Fut Master.

***In honor of Halloween I thought that I would dip into the archives and revisit a fun post from earlier in the year.  What follows is an actual Kung Fu ghost story.  I think that readers will find it both seasonally appropriate and of interest to anyone thinking about the place of the martial arts … Continue reading

Hsu-Ming Teo Reconsiders Ip Man, Popular History and the Kung Fu Biopic

    Hsu-Ming Teo. 2011. “Popular History and the Chinese Martial Arts Biopic.” History Australia. Vol. 8 No. 1: 42-66.     Introduction   Technology is a double edged sword. Electronic databases and fancy search tools promise a near omniscient grasp of what other writers have been up to. Yet these same tools can also … Continue reading

From the Archives: Folklore in the Southern Chinese Martial Arts

    ***I am currently on the road, so we will be dipping into the archives for this weeks Friday update.  I decided that it might be fun to take a look back and to see what I was working on at this time last year.  It turns out that the answer was folklore.  Be … Continue reading

Chinese Martial Arts in the News: October 21, 2014: Umbrella Kung Fu, The Chinese Martial Arts in Films and Mr Bean Does an Awsome Wooden Dummy Form

    Introduction   Welcome to “Chinese Martial Arts in the News.”  This is a semi-regular feature here at Kung Fu Tea in which we review media stories that mention or affect the traditional fighting arts.  In addition to discussing important events, this column also considers how the Asian hand combat systems are portrayed in … Continue reading

Rituals of the Red Spear Movement: Invulnerability, Spirit Possession and Battle Magic

      ***This is the third entry in our occasional series on the Red Spear movement.  For the first two parts of this project see here and here.***     Introduction   The Red Spears are a forgotten moment within the modern history of the Chinese martial arts. Reading the accounts of these groups … Continue reading

Through a Lens Darkly (27): The Historical Record and China’s Missing Martial Artists

      Introduction   This occasional series of posts is dedicated to the display and discussion of vintage images of the Chinese martial arts. While occupying an important place in popular culture, the martial arts were traditionally associated with non-elite groups. As a result we have fewer photographs recording the reality of these practices … Continue reading

Why is Ip Man a Role Model?

      Introduction: A Question from a Reader     The title (and subject) of today’s post is borrowed from a google query that brought a reader to this blog last week. WordPress has an incentive to encourage writers to improve the popularity of their blogs as that allows them to sell more advertising. … Continue reading

Tai Hsuan-chih Remembers “The Red Spears, 1916-1949”

    Introduction   This is the second entry in our ongoing study of the Red Spear movement in northern China during the first half of the twentieth century. For a brief overview of the origins of this movement and its relevance to discussions of martial arts history please see here. In the previous post … Continue reading

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