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July 2012

Chinese Martial Arts in the News: July 30th, 2012.

As a regular feature on this blog I plan to collect and review particularly interesting current event happenings and news articles relating to the Chinese martial arts.  Here is the first installment for your enjoyment.  If you are aware of... Continue Reading →

A Really Short Reading List on Chinese Martial Studies

Suppose you had a friend or a colleague who was interested in Chinese Martial Studies, was willing to invest some time and effort in learning what it was about, but had substantial professional commitments.  What sort of a reading list... Continue Reading →

Chinese Martial Arts and the Olympics: Wushu or Bust?

It is that time again.  The 2012 Olympics are just getting under way and we all know what that means right?  If you said “lots of opportunities to think about the connections between martial sports and national identity” you would... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the Kung Fu Teahouse.  I hope that this will become a place where we can meet to reflect on and discuss the growing field of martial studies.  While most of my writing and thinking focuses on the area... Continue Reading →

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